What’s with the bugs?

Ok, so on Tuesday, I was driving to work (yes, I do have a day job.. at least until the lotto commission decides to give me my money) and I see something in my side mirror.

Apparently a spider had taken the opportunity to build a web between my mirror and my door over the long weekend. (Nope, I did not move my car all that time… gas prices are a little to steep to be jaunting about over the holiday). Poor little thing! I felt so bad! She was flopping about in the breeze, all curled up in a little ball, hanging on for dear life! Fortunately, at the next light, she decided to crawl between the window and the door.

Dragonfly BraceletNow, I should mention that when I see something unusual, my first thought is always “What is the Universe trying to tell me?” My impression is that I need to learn to hang on when things get too rough, and learn when it’s time to bail! Pretty simple? Sure. But most messages are.

So now I’m thinking about bugs… I’ve been thinking about bugs all week. I gotta admit, I like ’em… I think they are nifty! On my drive home from work yesterday , I remember how I saw this really really really cool bracelet in the Pyramid Catalog and was bemoaning the fact that it was $89.95 and I shouldn’t really spend that $$ on something that I’ll probably lose. Sudden inspiration strikes! I’ll have it tattooed on my arm. Would probably cost me a bit more but I could color it the way I like.. and I’d never lose it..

As I’m driving, I’m contemplating this… should I really be spending money on anything right now? I’m still driving the SUV, mostly because I have no payments left on it, it still runs, and I can get two big dogs in it.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, on my busy urban street, a Dragonfly zooms over my windshield!

Message received.

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  1. That is going to be a awesome tattoo. Why can’t I get inspired. Although dragons keep popping up, I think I need to take a hint.

  2. I think that finding the right design is really hard.. all of mine have come from some sort of sudden inspiration. For years Shel and I were contemplating matching tattoos… we had a billion ideas.. most of them very complex. Then one day we just stuck upon the idea of having the word “Beloved” in Arabic… (her father is from Egypt) .. so we asked him to write it out for us be he couldn’t make it big enough and still look good.. a friend of her brother’s has the Arabic font on her computer and she gave us not only “Beloved” (Habibi) but “Soul” as well. We now each have “Beloved Soul” tattooed on our arms.

    Dragons are really a great idea for you, I think. The slow burn… the gentle giant… why not?

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