New Fuzzles

Since the girls are compelled to sleep on Targ‘s Teddy, we decided it was time to get them their own special friend.

Now they have their “BooBah’s” (ok, they were cheap and had no plastic parts!) for their crates, but they stay in the crate. But they needed something to lounge about on around the house… so everyone got new fuzzles.

ParmaQay and the Pig

Really Loving it!

StoVoQor and the Alligator

Targ and the Hippo

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  1. I heard these sites existed, but I didn’t beleive it. Wow! You actually have a blog about your dogs.

  2. Those are so very cute! Where did you find them???

  3. Are you ready for this?

    We found them at Price Chopper (local grocery store)

  4. NO Way! ! ! ! My mom-in-law works for the one in saratoga…hhhmmm wonder if she could get them for me??!!

  5. They are just to cute!

  6. Awww. They are very cute.

  7. What a sweet, adorable baby you have! ! !

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