How many Pugs are Named Pugsley?

Turns out quite a few!

I personally know one who is an adorable black pug, (no dont’ ask me for a picture. I don’t have one!) who had all kinds of issues. Overweight, skin allergies, constant discomfort, yadda yadda yadda.. all the regular pug complaints.

Now I haven’t seen Pugsley in almost 4 months. He is a regular client of my Chiro friend Dr. Sue Ann Lesser and I was at Tellington Touch Training for her last visit so I missed seeing him and his sister Daisy.

I took one look at Pugsley on Saturday and was amazed! He looks FABulous, Dah-ling…

My first question was “What have you done?! He looks AWESOME!”

His mom put him on Happy and Healthy All Natural Food and he lost weight and stopped itching..

I tucked this little piece of information away, because I do know a few pug people and I know that pugs are notoriously overweight. It’s just one of the challenges of the breed.

So this morning, I’m doing my usual blog surfing and stopped over at my buddy Pete’s Blog. Pete has pugs (and they are freaking cute, by the way!) and he has a comment about his poor Oscar who has been diagnosed with food allergies.

Poof! All that info about Happy and Healthy All Natural Food comes rushing back to my brain!

Poor Oscar had one of the classic symptoms of allergies… the paw licking. I think I have some info somewhere about that.. I’ll have to dig it up and share!

Smush Faces Rock!

Oh Hey Pete! I “borrowed” a photo!

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  1. Thanks for the info. I am going to check it out. He is acting more like himself today at least playing with his brother and their toys.

    The funny thing about the overweight issue is my family calls them (the boys) anorexic because they aren’t fat. I just laugh.

  2. Yeah, your boys look great! I’ve met so many fat pugs… sigh..but you actually EXERCISE your dogs… so many people think if it’s small you don’t have to walk it!

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