Never again will I question…

I’ve heard people say that their dogs hot spots spread like wildfire. I always thought “yeah sure.. a huh” and boy was I proven wrong!

Qay has a hot spot… poor kid! It was the size of a quarter on Tuesday night. When we got to the vet in the AM, it was the size of my fist. Unreal!
Hot Spot

She is dealing very well.. we have been putting the HB101 that the vet prescribed on it, along with giving her Apis (a homeopathic) and Belladonna (another homepathic). Of course she is getting Reiki twice a day as well. I am contemplating adding in some green tea as well (topically) since it’s anti-inflamitory. We’ve also upped her vitamin E and C. I’ll pick up some Astralagus if she needs it, but it can be expensive so I think I’ll see how she does with the regime for a while.

I think her favorite part is when I rub the HB101 on it with the gauze pad. I know it must feel good to have it rubbed, especially since it’s healing now and it feels hot and itchy.

Have I mentioned how much I love our vet. LOVE her!

We talked about Qay’s hot spot.. She says “I don’t think antibiotics or any oral prednizone are necessary here. Let’s see how she does without them”.

I say. “I agree… thank you. I’m thinking immune support would be beneficial. Antioxidents?”

She says “Yes, those would be great. Just don’t go over 400 IU of Vitamin E. Of course I always like Astralagus”.

Me- “Oh, that is a good one too. I think I still have some at home”.

Her-” Let us know if you don’t. I have some here”.

How awesome is that!? She never blinked an eye.

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  1. Glad to see you back. Are you still doing the banner rotation thign? If you do decide to charge for itwill you charge new people or everybody? Let me know….

  2. poor qay! hope she feels better soon!
    thats so cool about your vet! hard to find good ones

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