Mobolize the Troops: Help some big cats

Yesterday, I read a post from Carol at the Frog Dog Blog.  Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary, that houses and cares for exotic and large cats, suffered a horrible fire.  45 Cats perished in this fire.

 Please help Cedarhill rebuild.  I tossed them a few bucks, but my few bucks added with your few bucks… etc etc…

 Click here for the Cedarhill Animal Sanctuary Site

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  1. It’s so distressing to read about fires and animals (in other words, I’m not brave enough to read about them).

    Lynn Sinclair’s last blog post..Bunnies in the Backyard

  2. Fair enough. I don’t blame you one bit.

  3. What a horrible tragedy!

    Lora’s last blog post..Happy New Year!

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