Well that was short lived

Snap was annoying me.. it was a pain to set up because any changes I made weren’t taking effect.  And I don’t mean that I expected them to change right away, but I was supposed to be able to write my own ad copy so you all wouldn’t have to see icky ads..

That didn’t work.. so meh..  I took them down.

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  1. Those things are as annoying as can be anyway. 🙂

    Therese’s last blog post..An Evening with Nathan Winograd

  2. And I didn’t even get a chance to see what this snap thing was!

    Lynn Sinclair’s last blog post..Entertaining Your Cat

  3. I get so annoyed when my computer stuff doesn’t work the way I expect it to. I am sure you will figure it out and conquer the computer beast.

    Lora’s last blog post..Peculiar Titles

  4. Therese, yeah, sometimes they are… but I like being able to see where I’m going…. I liked that I could make it so it would only pop up when you moused over a graphic… but still.. it was too much hassle to make it worth it.

  5. Lynn… go to snap.com if you want to see them. 😀

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