I just found Etsy

Collars Etsy is a marketplace for handcrafted items only. How cool! If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I make Dog Collars in my (cough cough) spare time.

I’ve been hesitant to list them on ebay because they just disappear in the fray.. this might be just the place to do it.

CollarsNow, to dust off the sewing machine. The SewCrazyDogLady is coming out of retirement!

By the way.. these pics are like 2 years old… I’m much better at taking pictures now!

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  1. Oh, good for you! When you get set, I’ll check if they are a part of an affiliate network – maybe I can put your collars on my website, I’d love it!!!!

    Woofs, Johann

    Johann’s last blog post..More from the Silvia Trkman seminar!

  2. Thanks JoJo… but I don’t think they are on an affiliate network.. but their stores are FREE unlike Fee-bay.

    Wait til you see my agility slip leads.

  3. Oh can’t wait to see the agility slip leads. 🙂

    Lucy is still wearing the collar you made.. she is so pretty in it, and it fits her so well!

    Cyn’s last blog post..Cancer or Calcification?

  4. I LOOOOOOVE slip leads – I especially love the ones designed for sighthounds, that have padded throat pieces. They’re wonderful, all in one lead/collar combos to keep in the car for taking dogs to and from the vet. I lost my last few, and would love to get some more!

    Please let me know if you have any plans to make some!

    I also have twice used slip leads to grab loose dogs I’ve come across – they’re one size fits all, easy to slip over the head of a stray, and already have a ‘lead’ attached. Fantastic to keep in the car, just in case.

    Carol’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen – 13 Idiotic Quotes from Peta & Ingrid Newkirk

  5. Those are nice. Haven’t figured out how to add in the padding…

    I have slip leads in my car for the exact same reason. I’ve also been know to slip the clip of a traditional leash through the handle to make my own slip lead.. only it leaves you holding the clip in your hand…

  6. Cyn, I’m so glad we finally got one to fit her! She has the pink daisy one, right?

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