Quick and Dirty Poached Eggs in Tomato Sauce

Last night I was unenthused about everything remotely related to food.

Even have those days where you are hungry but you just don’t feel like anything appeals?  The thought of actually consuming something brings on a bout of apathy?

You’d think, considering how often this happens to me, that I’d be thinner.  However, I suspect what happens is that I just scrounge around nibbling on little bits of this and that all night trying to find something that I want to eat.. and end up eating more than I realized.

LB cooked up something that was yummy.. but didn’t satisfy me.  There was absolutely nothing wrong with it.. and I ate enough to take the edge off my hunger… because being hungry is not a good thing..  messes up your day.. then I ate a giant tablespoon of cashew butter…  and that didn’t do it..

So I sat down in the living room and told myself  “do not go scrounging around for just anything to snack on”.

I turned to my yarn and to twitter and my TV. Distraction was my game.
I started working on the afghan I’m making for our house.  Last year, I convinced myself to pull the Stitch Sampler Afghan I made out of the box in the closet and actually use it. Acrylic yarn is tough stuff and this stood up to doggy abuse, so I figured a full sized one was in order.

After a few false starts, I finally figured out the stitch pattern.

Stitch Pattern for "Over the Rainbow" Afghan

Yes, I have Mario pants.. you got a problem with that?

So, I’m hooking along, trying to ignore that voice in my head that is encouraging me to start the futile search for whatever mystery food will satisfy that unnamed craving.

Then, something curious popped up on my twitter feed.

Eggs? Tomatoes? Whut?

*as an aside, I cannot tell you how much glee I get out of the email that said “Your Mom is now following you on Twitter”.

I was fascinated.  First of all, something internally yelled ‘EGGS! YES! That is what I want!” and then  the follow up.

Tomato Sauce? huh? bizzaro.. but.. intriguing.  I’ve tried eggs with salsa before and found them to be disgusting.

Well I wandered off to Google (do ya think I might have clicked the link in that tweet? of course not) and found the same Smitten Kitchen link that MuffPunch *snicker* linked to.

I thought, ah what the hell .. it might not suck.

Not suck? it was FANTASTIC!

I snapped a quick (and fuzzy) pic after two bites because I wanted to share the awesomeness with you but at the same time I wanted to gobble this up.


That is my eggs poached in tomato sauce, on whole wheat toast and topped with a grated cheese.

So, based on the original recipe and what I had on hand I give you my Recipe Hack for Smitten Kitchen’s Eggs in Tomato Sauce which was evidently hacked from Martha Stewart.

[gmc_recipe 1826]

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