Recipe Review: Orecchiette with Pancetta, Pumpkin and Broccoli Rabe

Here is the thing that happens a lot.  We make a recipe from a book or a magazine or a website or something and say “Hey this is good!  We should make this again! .. only we should change it like this!”

And then we forget all about it.

Seriously.  We forget where we got the recipe, how we made it, what we would do different and end up sitting on the couch while meal planning saying things like “Hey! remember that thing?  That thing with the beef/chicken/sausage/chickpea/lettuce/some other thing thing?  That was good.  Where was that again?”

So I decided to take a hint from FoFacy and Limey  who write  Little’s Bites.   They make a recipe and then blog about it.    What a great way to keep track, eh?  And my blog is just sitting here, being ignored (and run by wind power. Thanks, GreenGeeks.. you rock)

So, here we go.  My review of Ann Burrell’s Orecchiette with Pancetta, Pumpkin and Broccoli Rabe

First of all, I had to Google what a “cheese pumpkin” was and then I was not going to bother trying to find it, so I got a package of precut butternut squash from the grocery store.  And since “half a bunch” is pretty darn subjective for an amount of broccoli rabe and my squash was twice the amount I needed, I basically doubled the entire recipe.

The squash could have been roasted longer and trying to fish broccoli rabe out of the water was nuts so I ended up straining the broccoli rabe and just putting another pot of water on.

I also thought the broccoli rabe wasn’t cooked enough so I put it in with the squash instead of waiting until the end.

Overall, I liked it.  I needed a little zip of something.  I though maybe some lemon juice or maybe more pepper flake.

LB thought it needed sausage.

Next time, we’ll make it with hot Italian sausage instead of the pancetta and roast the squash a lot longer so that it gets a little carmelized… or maybe I’ll use sweet potatoes instead.

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