The rest of me….

Two years ago, I vowed to write more about the whole of me

and then I dished up more food.

I guess I like food.

I mean, I did give you some other stuff, like music and sewing, but not a lot of the other stuff.

The spooky stuff.

I’m not sure why.

What I do know is that for a long while I didn’t feel like writing anything at all, and now I’ve found a daily practice that has got me excited about writing again.

In the next few weeks, I’m planning on launching a blog that will run congruently with this one (yes, I know, my intention was to put everything here, but… well, I changed my mind). The new blog will have stuff on herbalism, and magick and reiki and energywork and Spirit Communciation and mostly Tarot. And if you are down with that, I hope you’ll read along… And I’ll be plugging along on filling in the blanks on this blog with the things I’ve been doing that are not just recipes. I’ve spent a day at Susun Weed’s Wise Woman Center in May and I have… some thoughts that I refrained from posting until I could sort them out. I spent a week at Omega in June at what I’m calling Hippie Ukulele Camp which was AH-MAH-ZING and I came back so chill that I’m pretty sure my coworkers thought I was stoned… but do you see, how those two topics sort of mush together the mundane and the Spiritual? Yeah, I’m not going to worry about that anymore.. I do what I want.

And I’ve been rambling.

And now I’m going to get groceries because, food.

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