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I think Alton reads my blog

I think Alton Brown reads my blog.. I mean.. the day after.. I mean the VERY DAY after I post my modifications of his waffle recipe.. you know the one that turns it from waffles to pancakes (the only reason I did that, by the way is that I’m SO impatient when it comes to waiting for waffles.. I can make 5 pancakes at a rip as opposed to one waffle at a time.. where was I going with this? oh right)

the day after I post that recipe.. Alton tweets this

I still prefer pancakes.. sorry man.

That time I bastardized Alton Brown’s recipe

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Over Thanksgiving, I roasted a TON of sweet potatoes, because we love them and of course there only two of us so roasting 5 sweet potatoes made perfect sense. **facepalm** Anywho.. I searched the internet for something amazing to do with them and stumbled across Alton Brown’s Sweet Potato Waffles..…

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