I have a love/hate relationship with planning ahead

Meal prep is the thing that people are doing now I guess.

I hate it.

and I love it.

And I’ve been doing it before it was cool.  I don’t have the fancy glass containers or the bento boxes. Just plain old take out containers that I’ve had for years.

Granted, I’ve upped my game a bit. I make a more conscious decision and plan more than  “I’ll take left overs for lunch”  but if I had my druthers, I’d only cook when I wanted to, not because I had to.

I love cooking… I hate having to cook. Does that make sense?  When it’s time for us to sit down and plan our meals for the week, I cringe.  I have this internal fight of “don’t want to can’t make me” and it’s ridiculous because we are going to have to eat and I don’t want to stop at the store every night.

I don’t get it.  It makes no sense.

Today, I fought the ridiculous crowds at the grocery store (I forgot Rosh Hashanah starts today and it was CRAZY busy) and when I came home, I got right to cooking so what the hell is my problem, actually?

I made the Orzo and Salmon thing I was bringing for lunch every day, I shoved a half a chicken in the InstantPot to cook and made the curry sauce that the chicken will be reheated in with some green beans. I make LB’s breakfast and lunch for tomorrow (the bananas weren’t quite ripe or I would have made three days worth of her breakfast) and then I made cookies and I blame Netflix for airing the most recent season of Great British Bake Off for that part.

Honestly, if I would stop procrastinating and just get groceries after work on Friday, I could avoid a lot of this nonsense.  Part of my issue is that I just want to sit on my ass and do nothing on Saturday and Sunday which is ridiculous because my day job involves me sitting on my ass all day.

By the way, my desk job is exhausting and no one really knows why.

In other news, I’m mostly through the Harry Potter series again because it’s amazing, I’ve started reading Rainbow Body: A History of the Western Chakra System from Blavatsky to Brennan and wow is that blowing my mind… and I have started weeding through the extra crap I have at home that I don’t need but haven’t thrown out because LANDFILL but then realize that it’s a psychic energy hog having all this stuff cluttering up my chi so, I’m actively finding homes for a lot of things.  I have a love/hate relationship with getting rid of things too

Oh, and I’m taking September away from social media. If you found this post in your feed or on mine, it’s because it went automatically.  Being away from Social Media has already given me a lot more perspective on where my mental energy has been going and also on my misconception of what is important based on what my feed was showing me..so now I’m writing on this thing again.. more blogs to come? Who knows.

Right now, the cookies are cool.. so I gotta go.



The Lingering Bean

Hi! It’s been a while, eh?

I do this, I think you know by now.. I write for a while and then vanish.. and then write again. It’s just who I am and I’ve learned to accept it. Trying to force a blog schedule just doesn’t work. So I don’t.

So! What’s new… I played my ukulele in public with my classmates. That was fun. I fell and ripped the bejaysus out of my knee.. so badly that I went to urgent care. They couldn’t even stitch it, it was so shredded. That was exciting…. in the not fun way.

What else? Oh.. yeah. I’m working hard to get more veggies and beans into my diet.

I did pretty well the first week (last week). I roasted a bunch of veggies and cooked some chicken breast for lunches and honestly, I was pretty sick of that after a few days, but I totally enjoyed my breakfast, which was a kale, mushroom and garlic saute with a poached egg. (I poached the eggs in the microwave at work. I’m still working on perfecting this. Maybe Monday, the magic will happen)

Last night, while I was digging through the cabinet looking for popcorn (we’re out and I’m horrified as this never happened before) I found a bag of Rancho Gordo Christmas Lima beans lingering in the back of the cabinet.

I’ve had this bag of beans for at least three years. I’ve been unsure of what to do with them, but since I’d never tasted them before, I sort of shoved them back there.

Today, I decided it was time to change that.

I found a post on Simply Recipes about cooking beans in the pressure cooker without soaking them, which I had tried before, but most of my beans blew out.

You know what I was missing? Salt.

I should have known that.. I mean it should have occurred to me since I know that salting your beans helps them keep the structural integrity.

So, I followed those directions to the letter, but only cooked my beans for 14 minutes since they are lima beans and should require less cooking. The Instant Pot book said 12-14 minutes but since these beans were at least 3 years old, I thought they could use the extra time. I also just let them natural release… which means I turned them off and forgot about them.. for… um.. a while.

They came out perfect. I mean seriously perfect. I had a few blown out beans, but not too many, and the cooking liquid is amazing. The garlic and bay leaf were all these beans needed to make a delicious, hearty soup.

I ate a bowl for lunch, just as they were. These beans really do taste like chestnuts! I’ll be having these for lunch every day all week and I’m super excited about it.

Jumping rope

So I got this brilliant idea to jump rope for 5 minutes in the morning to get the ol heart a pumping.
I managed one.
One minute with a break.
Jumping rope is HARD. Wow

Even “Reality TV” couldn’t save the Prince of Darkness

So I’m at boxing last night and of course they are playing music wicked loud which is awesome since, you know, we’re pounding the shit out of stuff.

We have a mini break between the first and second time you do the circuit, so you can actually hear the music.. Iron Man is playing on the radio.. you know, that bit in the middle where it’s all instrumental?

This guy.. I’d say he’s about 25 years old says “Dude! what is this song?! it’s awesome”.

The answer he gets from those of us who are 40 and over “this is Iron Man” (personally I’m like.. REALLY?)

He says “Who is that? I’ve never heard of him”.

So then we’re all “Ozzy.. it’s Ozzy” (yes, I know, it’s technically Black Sabbath)

I swear to all that is holy, this guy had no idea who Ozzy is.. none.. He also couldn’t wrap his head around Iron Man being the name of the song.

I looked at the woman next to me and said “Well I officially feel old, how about you?”



I have a pretty good rant going on in my head right now but I shall refrain from posting it until it sounds less … viscious. But there are times I wish no one in meatspace knew who I was so I could feel free to just go off on how I really feel at the time that I’m feeling it.

Perhaps this is a good lesson in controlling my temper and knowing when to walk away.