Ew… what’s that smell?

Oh that? That is my inability to get my house cleaned in a timely manner.

Come on.. before you get all grossed out… look around your own digs. Chances are, if you have a dog, you know the special scent that your critters can leave behind.
Waiting for Dinner

Now mind you, our dogs do not smell like “dogs”. Most of that is because of the diet we feed but they still play in dirt, shed hair, get filthy, etc, etc, etc… and honestly with two puppies, by then end of the day, both LB and I are too tired to clean house…

I stumbled upon this info on another blog.

Most of this I knew already but it was a gret reminder! Thanks to Aki Desorcy for posting this info on her blog.

Tips For Keeping Your Dog House Clean
Living with a dog doesn’t mean your house has to look and smell like a dog house. Not wanting to spend my entire day cleaning, I’ve learned how to clean up in the quickest (and by the way – cheapest) way possible.

Keep The Fur From Flying

Brush your dog every day. This is especially important if you have multiple dogs like I do. You’ll be amazed how spending a short five minutes a day brushing your dog, will cut down on all that hair floating around your home. Brushing daily also gets rid of flaky skin by distributing natural oils through your dog’s coat. You’ll notice that your dog looks and smells better. And since most dogs love being brushed it counts as quality time with your dog.

The Quickest Way to Make Dust Bunnies Disappear

If you need to get rid of hair in a hurry, go for the Swiffer.
It works tons better than a broom. These little cloths grab hair, dirt, and dust, and other dirt quick, and you just throw away the cloth when you’re done.

Lint rollers are also another must-have. Keep a couple around the house if you need to get hair off clothing or furniture in a hurry.

Use Common Household Items […more…]

Seriously, read the whole thing… it’s worth it!

Vanity, thy name is ParmaQay

What a Beautiful Face! Alright, I know she’s gorgeous… she may not look much like a bullmastiff yet, but she has such beautiful eyes! And what an expression!

So, I was not at all surprised to hear LB’s statment that I can’t get out of my head. “Vanity, thy name is ParmaQay”.

She caught her in the spare room (where she’s not supposed to be), staring Lovingly in the Mirror.

Culture Shock

I can’t believe I have to make yogurt again… I really can’t believe it…

With all three of the critters eating yogurt and my snacking on it occassionally, we have gone through 2 quarts of yogurt in 3 days…

Salton Yogurt MakerThree days…. The only thing that has saved my sanity is this little thing.

The Salton Yogurt Maker doesn’t do much other than keep your mixture at a consistent temperature, but that is the part that I usually flub up.

See, here’s how yogurt making works. You start with some plain yogurt with active cultures, like Dannon or Stonyfield and add it to a milk to make it, curdle and coagulate. The culture (ok.. lets be honest.. they are bacteria.. but no worries! They are the friendly and helpful type of bug) in the starter yogurt grows to turn your milk into yogurt.

Like any other bacteria, they need a certain temperature and a friendly environment. (This is why we keep our fridges at 40 degrees and keep hot things hot at a temp of at least 140 degrees. Don’t ever take a food safety course. It’ll be a week before you eat again… trust me on this one). For yogurt, your mixture needs to be at 110 degrees… prime bacteria temp!

Problem is if the mixture gets too cold, the bacteria take a nap.. if it’s too warm, it’s a permanent nap! I’ve tried stashing my yogurt mix in the oven with the light on, wrapped in a heating pad, wrapped in towels in a cooler… all that fuss and for $17.00 I can have it regulated for me. I’m telling you, this thing rocks!

FREE Shipping at BIGDOGS.com

What’s with the bugs?

Ok, so on Tuesday, I was driving to work (yes, I do have a day job.. at least until the lotto commission decides to give me my money) and I see something in my side mirror.

Apparently a spider had taken the opportunity to build a web between my mirror and my door over the long weekend. (Nope, I did not move my car all that time… gas prices are a little to steep to be jaunting about over the holiday). Poor little thing! I felt so bad! She was flopping about in the breeze, all curled up in a little ball, hanging on for dear life! Fortunately, at the next light, she decided to crawl between the window and the door.

Dragonfly BraceletNow, I should mention that when I see something unusual, my first thought is always “What is the Universe trying to tell me?” My impression is that I need to learn to hang on when things get too rough, and learn when it’s time to bail! Pretty simple? Sure. But most messages are.

So now I’m thinking about bugs… I’ve been thinking about bugs all week. I gotta admit, I like ’em… I think they are nifty! On my drive home from work yesterday , I remember how I saw this really really really cool bracelet in the Pyramid Catalog and was bemoaning the fact that it was $89.95 and I shouldn’t really spend that $$ on something that I’ll probably lose. Sudden inspiration strikes! I’ll have it tattooed on my arm. Would probably cost me a bit more but I could color it the way I like.. and I’d never lose it..

As I’m driving, I’m contemplating this… should I really be spending money on anything right now? I’m still driving the SUV, mostly because I have no payments left on it, it still runs, and I can get two big dogs in it.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, on my busy urban street, a Dragonfly zooms over my windshield!

Message received.

You know you’re a dog person when….

All dates must pass your dog’s inspection

All of your clothes have dog hair on them, even when they come back from the laundromat or dry cleaners.

You get birthday cards for each of your dogs from family, friends, and the vet. (Bonus if you keep them on the refrigerator for more than a month.)

Every gift you ever get has something to do with dogs

Kiss your dog more than 10 times per greeting.

All your non-dog friends know to dress down when visiting your house

Books and movies are ruined for you if the dog references are incorrect.

Onlookers grimace at the sight of you sharing your sandwich with your four-legged pal, bite for bite

Call long distance and talk with your dog.

Dog hair in food is just another spice.

If you are cold, you put a Sweater on your dog.

Any conversation you’re having is effortlessly directed back to the topic of dogs

90 percent of your Internet connection time goes to the dogs (seeing what’s
new when you enter your breed into the browser, reading up on multiple
lists, checking out photos, sounds and faqs, etc.).
All kinds of things around the house are in need of repair, but the injured
dog you rescued by the side of the road requires immediate surgery and out
comes the checkbook

All of your charitable donations go to dog-related and humane society

All of your furniture came to you second hand or via curbside discard, but
your dog crates are top of the line, industry premium.

The rest of this can be found here