Bacon Making: In Pictures

I took a class on making bacon. I finally got my pork belly thawed and ready to cure.
I made up the cure using the recipe in the booklet I got in my From Scratch Club class

I had a hard time finding pork belly.  I ended up at Rolf’s Pork Store in Albany.  I recommend you go there
I paid $2.99 a pound…  and got a 14 pound belly

I promised Erika that I would shoot her a nipple shot.

This thing was HUGE

I trimmed it up and squared it off

I then portioned it into about 2.5 pound hunks

I broke out the seasonings. They are in order from left to right: Rosemary, thyme, sage, garlic and peppercorn; brown sugar and cinnamon; brown sugar; garlic, bay leaf and peppercorn

I coated them in the cure and then smushed in the seasonings.

These will sit for a week in my fridge until they are ready to roast.

Quips from the Kitchen

So, this happened.

Which is pretty awesome..

So immediately I said to LB Hey! You should read my blog post! Evidently, it’s fucking hilarious!

LB: mmmhmm..

Me: no seriously! you should read this one and it has Spock and Princess references and I’m hilarious in it.

LB: Honey.. I live with you. I know you are hilarious.

I suspect there was an implied message in this but I’m going to let it ride.


I was making breakfast this morning and I was making bacon, like you do. Only I was running short on time so I fried it instead of baking it in the oven, like I usually do. If you bake it, it comes out all flat and evenly cooked.. but I’m digressing.

So, I’m frying bacon and it’s sticking to my non-stick pan.
That’s right.. *bacon sticking to a non stick pan*

LB walks by and I said to her “my bacon is sticking to this non-stick pan! this makes no sense.. its bacon!”

LB: huh, that’s odd

Me: I know! it’s’s sticking, not fatting.

LB: “Fatting”? what the hell is fatting?

Me: You know! Fatting. As in “releasing fat”. It’s a word in the dictionary in my head.

LB: There are a lot of weird things in that dictionary in your head aren’t there?

Me: Oh hush and eat your skinny bacon.

Speaking of bacon, I found this post on the From Scratch Club website this morning.


I signed up this morning.. and LB and I immediately became members of The Arts Center because it supports lots of things that we support.. so, yeah. That happened.

* That originally read “bacon making people”. Punctuation. It’s important. “Bacon making people” brings up images of strips of bacon in little hazmat suits working fervently like Dr. Frankenstein to make people.. for what purpose, one can only guess.