What do they mean by “foam up” exactly?

So my last post was a little slapdash and messy.  I am totally aware of this. It’s also possible that it didn’t really make my point or make much sense.  I’m ok with this, too.

See, I needed to bust through the barrier that I had created in my own head, the barrier that was keeping me from posting anything less than perfect.  So I dashed off a post, did a quick proof read and hit publish.

I’m learning to be ok with my imperfections.  That was a pretty good start.

Anyway, today, I’m sharing my Turkish Coffee frustrations with you. Everything I’ve read says you need to have an cezve (yup.. got one.. it belonged to LB’s dad), finely ground coffee (yup.. got that too… I bought it from a local specialty store) and you need to never stir it and you have to let it “foam up” at least twice.

I always ended up boiling mine and it always tastes gross and burnt.  Also, since we’ve moved into an apartment, I’ve lost my gas stove with it’s tiny gas burner and now I have this electric things and my little cezve doesn’t fit on any of these burners.  I can’t heat the darn thing evenly and I still can’t seem to get the magical “foam” … I get… boiling burnt coffee.

It’s frustrating.  So I finally admitted defeat and went to YouTube.  Turns out the “no stirring” before heating thing is bullshit and this mythical foam isn’t “foam” at all… at least how I know things to “foam” 

It’s.. sort of like a raft formed by coffee grounds that has a bit of bubbles in it. Much more subtle than I imagined.


I have to thank Ancient Girl Kitchen for her excellent video “Making Turkish Coffee and Four Important Tips No One Tells You”

Finally! Finally! I know what the hell “foam” is.

Also, watching her video gave me an excellent idea since she heats her pot on a flat burner. In a merging of Generations and Families, I used my Great Grandmother’s Aluminum pan and LB’s Father’s Pot together and I was able to finally distribute the heat evenly!

Using this little aluminum pan to distribute the heat from the electric burner means I can finally make good Turkish Coffee!

Look a this deliciousness, you guys.


This looks a million times better than the last time I made this coffee when I made the World’s Easiest Cookies two years ago (omg)

Here is the “previous” incarnation.

World’s Easiest Paleo Cookies

There is a suspicious lack of that delicious crema like foam (as in real foam) on that coffee from two years ago.

I’m pretty darn proud of my new Turkish Coffee making skills and I may have had more than my share… and I may not sleep tonight.. but anyway…

When researching different methods for making Turkish Coffee, one thing kept coming up .. and that was that everyone who makes Turkish Coffee also has an Auntie who reads the grounds… well, if you ask my brother, he will tell you that I’m the spooky Auntie who does all that stuff so of course I had to give it a try.

Well, it was pretty obvious to me that this is a turtle here in these grounds.. she jumped right out at me.  Since this message is very much for me and how I’ve been contemplating my approach to blogging, social media and learning new skills….  let’s just say that it was a great reminder to me to take things a little at a time.

School Daze

I’ve been suspiciously absent from this blog because classes have started again.. right in the midst of a national mortgage nightmare.. oh my gawd have I been tearing my hair out.

Fortunatley, it looks like this class is going to be good. It’s Programming and Logic. The class I failed in the spring because the Prof disappeared 1/2 way through.. it was an online course. So this semester, I’m sucking it up and hitting the campus.

Instead of C programming language, we are learning Java instead (makes more sense to me.. who uses C anymore? C++ sure.. C# absolutely,.. but C? Ah the Joys of a community college)

So I”m excited. Anything that remotely reminds me of coffee makes me happy.. I’m a bit of a caffiene hound.. pretty soon I’ll be “qualified” to get ThinkGeek Caffeine

Anyway… I’ve been not here, because I’ve had my nose in a book and I’ve been installing SMF and Gallery for a forum group. My partner in crime has been away at camp… and I was silly enough to push for a roll out too soon! So I’ve been busy helping folks get used to the new system.

I hope to be around more..