Because obviously I don’t know how to read a calendar

You know that post that went up on Saturday super late at night?
That was supposed to be for this morning. I
“scheduled it” for Monday morning… last week. **facepalm**

But I know most people read blogs early in the mornings and I didn’t want you all to miss my new favorite post about my mother’s father, so I’m mentioning it again.

If you’ve already read my Homage to Poppa, wander over to From Scratch Club where I talk about my father’s mother and write about Stobhach Gaelach (which sounds fancy but it’s actually.. not)

You want somma dis?

This, my infrequent blog readers, is a picture of my Apple Cranberry Stuffed Pork chops..

A few of you were droooling over these pics from my Instagram feed.

You want the recipe?

Well, you gotta go find it. I’ve hidden it in plain sight.

Ya see, I got this awesome crazy invitation from someone who has seen and heard my potty mouth IN ACTION and still thinks I’m responsible enough to be trusted as a “Community Voice”. Fo shiz.  <- I never say fo shiz.. yet it seemed appropriate somehow? Whut? obviously, I’m overwhelmed with the responsiblity.

That’s right kids and infrequent blog readers… I have been asked to write about my favorite topic ever.


(that’s right I said MEAT!)

I’m not against vegetables. In fact, I love them but most of my meals have a meat component. I personally have found that my body does and feels better with protein and veg and fewer grains. So I had to learn how to cook more meat.
So, you want the recipe? Head over to the From Scratch Club Website and check out my first post.  It goes live in the AM (or so I’m told. Chris still has time to come to her senses and change her mind)

PS: That’s acorn squash up there.. with a nice pat of butter and the spicy maple pepitas from Our Daily Eats. They are the shiz.. damn.. there is that word again. I’d better go lay down

Post not up yet? You’re back already? Well, while you wait, I give you one of my favorite songs.. ever…. remember kids, Carrot Juice is Murder.

Quips from the Kitchen

So, this happened.

Which is pretty awesome..

So immediately I said to LB Hey! You should read my blog post! Evidently, it’s fucking hilarious!

LB: mmmhmm..

Me: no seriously! you should read this one and it has Spock and Princess references and I’m hilarious in it.

LB: Honey.. I live with you. I know you are hilarious.

I suspect there was an implied message in this but I’m going to let it ride.


I was making breakfast this morning and I was making bacon, like you do. Only I was running short on time so I fried it instead of baking it in the oven, like I usually do. If you bake it, it comes out all flat and evenly cooked.. but I’m digressing.

So, I’m frying bacon and it’s sticking to my non-stick pan.
That’s right.. *bacon sticking to a non stick pan*

LB walks by and I said to her “my bacon is sticking to this non-stick pan! this makes no sense.. its bacon!”

LB: huh, that’s odd

Me: I know! it’s’s sticking, not fatting.

LB: “Fatting”? what the hell is fatting?

Me: You know! Fatting. As in “releasing fat”. It’s a word in the dictionary in my head.

LB: There are a lot of weird things in that dictionary in your head aren’t there?

Me: Oh hush and eat your skinny bacon.

Speaking of bacon, I found this post on the From Scratch Club website this morning.


I signed up this morning.. and LB and I immediately became members of The Arts Center because it supports lots of things that we support.. so, yeah. That happened.

* That originally read “bacon making people”. Punctuation. It’s important. “Bacon making people” brings up images of strips of bacon in little hazmat suits working fervently like Dr. Frankenstein to make people.. for what purpose, one can only guess.