Good Vibrations

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.”

– Chief Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux, 1877

If you were to dig way, way back in the archives of this blog, you would find that about 7 years ago, I was blithely posting about complementary therapies, reiki, psychic mediumship, auras and energy and since that time, my readership, like my blog, has changed dramatically. When I started writing about food and got some weird local reputation of being a “foodie” or a “food blogger”, I got a lot more self-conscious. Well, to tell the whole truth, I stopped writing about the hippie dippie stuff well before then. But when people started recognizing me in public, I really dropped it..

It can be scary talking about this stuff as an adult when you grew up as “that weird kid who talked to trees”.


I still talk to trees.. and plants… and animals… and… dead people.


Yes, really.

I decided it was time to start talking about it again.. and doing more of it again. The past two years have been rough. We lost two dogs, a cat and a family member all in that time. We have so many blessings that we are grateful for, but wowsers that really threw us for a loop.

And it sort of reset what I recognized as important. I stopped (mostly) stressing (excessively) over the non-important things.. or at least I did for while. But when I felt myself slipping, I found I was falling back on the things I knew about self care. And then when I went to Old Songs? Holy crap… something clicked.

Since June, I’ve been diving back into herbs and energy and meditation. That last one is hard for me to remember to make time for.. but hey, they call it a “meditation practice” for a reason. I’ve been rereading some of my books and honestly? Some of them are crap. They are full of things that are repetitious or contradictory. And of things that don’t really resonate.. at least for me.

I decided that I would start writing about these things again. LB and I actually used to teach classes on Auras and Chakras, Meditation, Animal Communication and Psychic Mediumship and message work. I used to do psychic readings at parties and Tarot card readings at coffee houses.

Like any other skill, you get out of practice. So basically, I’m going to use my blog as my “platform” to not only tell you guys all about it but also to remind myself of what I know… and reeducate myself on what I’ve forgotten or tucked away.

Who knows, you may even see me in a coffee house with a deck of tarot cards one of these days.

(and yes, I know this post is missing a lot of my usual flair.. this is HARD to share.. okay?)