Updates…. on all bunches of stuff

  • The Martha Stewart thing? Total Bust…we got the last few minutes over credits… I can’t help but wonder if Dr. Hill ticked Martha off.
  • Friday’s $5.00 on Friday didn’t get posted but the bucks went to ADOA
  • I have an acupuncture needle in my ear at the Shen Men point to help with stress this week.
  • Good thing, too since my computer decided to bite the dust yesterday… I lost all my old emails…
  • I will be moving this blog and my entire site to a new domain.. this host costs me twice as much as godaddy for less stuff… and they never renew me correctly which means at least one day’s time down.
  • My eyes are burning… pollen anyone?

I’m on Martha Stewart!

Ok, that might be a little misleading.. a company that I’m a distributor for is going to be on Martha Stewart! (Thursday the 24th)

I’m so excited. For years I’ve been using Young Living products and because they are a MLM Company I think they have a reputation for pushing products.

Personally, I don’t push them. I don’t care if you use them or not.. of course *I* use them.. I love them and I know many a dog who has benefitted from the essential oils. I take two of their supplements daily and have really found that I feel better!

Anywho, I think this little stint on Martha will help lend a little credibility to the products. They are excellent, in my humble opinion, but unfortunately, there have been too many distributors that are not informed fully on how essential oils work. I’ve heard recommendations for animals that are not really safe. Actually, I’ve heard recommendations for people that aren’t really safe!
Too much oil is usually the big one… a little goes a long way people! But then if you sell someone too much oil, well you make a little too much money I think!

Here’s hoping it’s done well. Tune it.. it might be good!

Out of the Pits

Pit Bulls get a horrid rap and honestly I’m tired of it.

This week’s Five on Friday goes to Out of the Pits

Keep up the good work guys!

What they have done for pitbulls is nothing short of amazing.

Out of the Pits, a non-profit organization founded in 1996, is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of those Pit Bulls that have been abandoned and abused. We seek to educate the public about the true nature of the Pit Bull and to restore the breed to its former position of esteem in the hearts and minds of people everywhere.

Many of their dogs up for adoption have their CGC and their TDI… yeah, these dogs, thought to be killers by so many, are visiting hospitals and helping people feel better! How Shocking!

More more info on all their awesome work, visit OutofthePits.org

Maiden Voyage

Well, here it is.. the maiden voyage of ……

Five on Friday

***insert exciting cheering here***

What is Five on Friday you ask?

Well, it was inspired by Karen… no, not that Karenthis Karen
more specifically this post.

Karen sent me an email about this post, asking if I had only $5.00.

Well, yeah, I did.. and I was going to use it on Ebay.. or maybe lunch.. I’d been craving some nasty food.

But… but…

Ok I couldn’t spend it on me.. I gave it to her friends Chris and Jenn for their trip to Swaziland. (at the end of May to volunteer a month of their time, and as many supplies as they can muster to the small town of Manzini..) They raised almost $1100 from the blogosphere alone! Holy cow!

(as an aside: Karen has now offered up her tender girly bits to the Brazillian Wax Gods in an attempt to raise $10,000… I shudder in sympathy.. OW!)

Well, I thought.. if I have $5.00 for them.. who ELSE do I have $5.00 for?

Turns out I had a few extra $5.00 floating around.. Sure, it meant I had to bring my lunch to work (GASP!), but what the heck.. it didn’t kill me… and I decided to do it every payday aka Friday. And I’m going to tell you all about it!

So, $5.00 on Friday is my attempt to encourage others to find their extra $5.00 and give it to someone who needs it more that they do.

If a Friday rolls around and you find you’ve got a little extra, give it away to someone. And then blog it! Let everyone know about your charity and why you love it.

Email me on this page before your post goes up and I’ll put a link here.

Oh, yeah, and tell the world how awesomely cool you are… pop this code in your blog:

Five on Friday

Look for more info on today’s Five on Friday later today!