Shark Tank Inspiration

One of my guilty pleasures is Shark Tank.   I know it’s edited all to hell and someone is going to cry about something but I still like watching it.    Also, I’m super fascinated how Robert Herjavec is constantly shut out.  I think people think he’s too soft.  I suspect there is a hard ass hiding under that calm exterior.


I recently caught the episode featuring Slumberkins, a cute, sort of blanket animal with a book… at the ridiculously high price of $58.00 (update: they are now featuring a new price of $44.00).  I *love* the idea behind Slumberkins, created by two women who are very invested in helping kids.  Their motto:

We’re mothers and educators on a mission to promote positive life skills in the next generation, one cuddle at a time.

Each Slumberkin Story carries a message on topics like how to deal with transitions, how to relax at bedtime, mindfulness and self esteem.  This is excellent! I don’t have kids but these are skills that all people need.

While watching the show, I found myself super annoyed at the dichotomy between their price and their goal.  One of the Sharks asked “What is your goal here.  Do you want to reach more kids or do you want to make money?”

They really wanted to reach as many kids as possible.. but at $58.00?  That ain’t happening.   That’s a niche product right there.

And while I’m muttering about this under my breath while knitting on a scarf, a little voice in my head said “so…. Jeni, what’s your goal with your Tarot readings then?  Do you want to help people or do you want to make money?”

OOF. That stings.

I started offering readings as a way to reawaken and deepen my connection to Spirit Energy and to help people who are stuck… or maybe need a little light shed on an issue.  And I’ve gotten some amazing feedback from people but when I looked at the prices I was charging, I realized I was shutting out a lot of folks.

This is not my full time gig.  I have a full time gig that affords me the luxury of offering Tarot Readings.  And I love doing them.  I truly do and I feel like they are a way for me to be of service to people.

So I dropped my prices to make a reading with me attainable.

Going forward, Tarot Readings with me are $5.00 a card with a max of $25.00.

At $25.00, your are guaranteed at least 5 cards, but if I feel there is a need for more cards, I will draw additional cards, up to Ten with no additional charge.  I call it “Reader’s Choice”.

Crazy I know.   But it feels right.

If you want to know more about this, head over to to learn more and to book your reading.

Good Vibrations

“I salute the light within your eyes where the whole universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am at that place within me, we shall be one.”

– Chief Crazy Horse, Oglala Sioux, 1877

If you were to dig way, way back in the archives of this blog, you would find that about 7 years ago, I was blithely posting about complementary therapies, reiki, psychic mediumship, auras and energy and since that time, my readership, like my blog, has changed dramatically. When I started writing about food and got some weird local reputation of being a “foodie” or a “food blogger”, I got a lot more self-conscious. Well, to tell the whole truth, I stopped writing about the hippie dippie stuff well before then. But when people started recognizing me in public, I really dropped it..

It can be scary talking about this stuff as an adult when you grew up as “that weird kid who talked to trees”.


I still talk to trees.. and plants… and animals… and… dead people.


Yes, really.

I decided it was time to start talking about it again.. and doing more of it again. The past two years have been rough. We lost two dogs, a cat and a family member all in that time. We have so many blessings that we are grateful for, but wowsers that really threw us for a loop.

And it sort of reset what I recognized as important. I stopped (mostly) stressing (excessively) over the non-important things.. or at least I did for while. But when I felt myself slipping, I found I was falling back on the things I knew about self care. And then when I went to Old Songs? Holy crap… something clicked.

Since June, I’ve been diving back into herbs and energy and meditation. That last one is hard for me to remember to make time for.. but hey, they call it a “meditation practice” for a reason. I’ve been rereading some of my books and honestly? Some of them are crap. They are full of things that are repetitious or contradictory. And of things that don’t really resonate.. at least for me.

I decided that I would start writing about these things again. LB and I actually used to teach classes on Auras and Chakras, Meditation, Animal Communication and Psychic Mediumship and message work. I used to do psychic readings at parties and Tarot card readings at coffee houses.

Like any other skill, you get out of practice. So basically, I’m going to use my blog as my “platform” to not only tell you guys all about it but also to remind myself of what I know… and reeducate myself on what I’ve forgotten or tucked away.

Who knows, you may even see me in a coffee house with a deck of tarot cards one of these days.

(and yes, I know this post is missing a lot of my usual flair.. this is HARD to share.. okay?)

A Day with a Tarot Card: Three of Swords

I enjoyed my day with the Hermit so much that I decided to go ahead and pull another card.

Three of Swords

Three of Swords

That’s a humdinger, eh?

Considering my mood from yesterday and the fact that I wasn’t really looking forward to going into work today, I was like.. Great. That’s icky.
I mean really, what positive thing can you see in this card? It’s a bleeding heart, run through with three swords, under a gloomy cloudy sky.

Ugh. Did I really want to spend my day with this card?  I  I posted it over in George‘s private Tarot Facebook Group for students and he says to me “Well, there is nowhere to go but up!”

Although the original impression I got was “ouch”, after looking at it again, I noticed the glowing halo behind the heart and the lighter blue sky below.  So, yeah, I can see that.

I went into work this morning with the intention of minding my own beeswax and not engaging in any negativity.

On my drive in, my mind wandered back to the Three of Swords and it occurred to me that the images also conjured up “hidden pain” and it was a reminder to me to view others with compassion.  As I’m typing this now, I’m realizing that also applies to treating oneself with compassion.

Today I stuck to my healthy eating (although there is a Schmackary’s Cookie waiting for me on the counter right now..but I’m only gonna eat half and I’m going to enjoy every. single. bite.) and every time someone asked me a question, I put down what I was doing and fully and completely engaged them in conversation.  I paid attention to what they needed.  I stopped being wrapped up in myself for a few moments.  And when I felt someone was harshing my mellow, I made a conscious decision to ignore them.

At the end of the day, I hurried home in anticipation of my rocker being delivered.   Six thirty rolled around and they showed up.  They showed up thinking they were picking up a rocker…  not delivering one.. so.. no rocker for me.

I was so disappointed… almost heartbroken about it.  Which is a little silly since I am planning on just picking it up tomorrow (they close at 5PM but I’m going to ask them to stay open a few minutes late for me since.. you know.. they goofed)… but then I remembered my card for the day.  For as much as I don’t want to dwell on the less positive side of the Three of Swords, you can’t deny that heartbreak is a pretty obvious image for this card and I feel like this little disappointment was a reminder of that. And a reminder of this:

 “Most people are afraid of suffering. But suffering is a kind of mud to help the lotus flower grow. There cannot be a lotus flower without the mud.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you read the Tarot? Won’t you join me in spending a day with a Tarot card? I’d love to hear your experiences!

A Day with a Tarot Card: The Hermit

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of taking a Tarot Class with my dear friend George Koury. George is truly one of those people who is wonderful to be around. If you ever have a chance to take one of his classes, I highly recommend going.

I’ve read the Tarot for years. (In a post, in the near future, I’m going to come out of the broom closet and give you all the deets… but not today.) I have always subscribed to the belief that the Tarot is a tool, a way to shut off your left brain and let Spirit speak through you. I don’t “look up” the meanings because the meaning is different every time. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a theme or a suggestion of a meaning. The images give you a starting point. The reader, I think, should look at the image and interpret them in the context of the reading. This is how George teaches the Tarot which was part of the reason why the class was so enjoyable. It certainly wasn’t just dry memorization. It was skill building.

One of the things that George suggested we do to deepen our connection to the Tarot images and to really learn each card is to spend a day with a Tarot card. So I figured I’d give it a shot. The idea is you pull a card in the morning and at the end of the day, you look back at the card and see how it related to your day.

This morning I pulled The Hermit

Ther Hermit Tarot Card

The Hermit

This card has always resonated with me because I’ve always felt distanced from other people. When I look at this card, what I see is someone alone, looking down from above. You could take this two ways.. that he’s reached a point in his life where he has achieved a wisdom and a knowledge to become someone that other people look up to, or he could be someone he thinks he’s hot shit and above everyone else.

Today, I was reminded of both of these extremes. I have always struggled with being “the smart one” and was often picked on for it. I’ve also struggled with coming across as a know it all. To try to find the balance between helping someone and insulting someone is … tricky.

Today, I chose to listen to my inner wisdom when it came to food. Stress eating is my thing and things have been very stressful at work today. So… very.. stressful. But after yesterday’s wheatapalooza (I ate pizza with macaroni and cheese… and I mean that macaroni and cheese was ON THE PIZZA) I was feeling unwell and pretty aware that I should have maybe.. I dunno.. thought about what I was putting in my mouth instead of going all out hedonistic crazy pants.

I decided to do a sort of fasting day. Not truly fasting but to not eat every 2 hours just because of reasons.

I went with oatmeal for breakfast and by 10AM when I usually am shoving snacks in my face, I was calmly sipping tea and thinking “I got this”.

By lunchtime, I was super confident and feeling fine. Lunch was homemade chicken broth with garlic and red pepper flake. I slowly enjoyed every sip of that broth. I had this. I wasn’t starving. I was in control. I was feeling pretty confident and calm and centered. Almost a peace. I had achieved an awareness. I was the sage hermit on the hill, being kind to my body. Listening and teaching and learning at the same time.

And then..

Things happened…

See, Friday was bad.. like.. bad. Like almost in tears at my desk bad. I was short tempered and I know I was snippy. And I know I apologized to more than one person for being short with them. At one point, I remember being incredibly frustrated with things. Most of the time (I’d say 95%) I’m pretty even keel. I roll with the punches.. but Friday was not one of those days.

Someone noticed.

Today, I was talked to about my attitude on Friday.

How does this tie into the Hermit? I got knocked down off that hill a bit. Suddenly I was back on the ground… back to that know it all kid that no one liked. Back to the kid struggling to fit in. It was so not fun.

And guess what? All I wanted to do was shove cookies in my face after that conversation.

Do I think I deserved to be “spoken to”? I’m not sure. Does it matter? Not really. What I’m taking away from this is that I should remember that for as much as I’d like to be, I’m not alone. There are other personalities around me and I should be mindful of that.

But I’ve also decided to withdraw a bit when it comes to work. To embrace the solitude and the quiet wisdom and peace of the Hermit. I’ve been too willing to talk. Too willing to complain. Not willing enough to just roll with it, do my job and go home.. and leave my job where it belongs.