I can’t let go

ARRRGH!!! I was just going on about how I have no cash and I renewed KissMyMutt.org.



because I liked how it looked..

duh.. so dumb.

It’s official.. I’m a domain name junkie..

Now I HAVE to do something with it.. I have to..

Someone help me… evidently I need therapy

Best Laid Plans….


We didn’t make it to the Seance last night. I’ve come down with a horrible cold… drat! I feel like crud…

And, just to round it out, tickets for Eddie Izzard were sold out.

I did however start working on a blog directory… gotta do something in between blowing my nose and hacking up a lung. Still need some fine tuning.

I also discovered that people are lousy communicators. I’ve been working on a website as a volunteer for a club of which I’m a member. I’ve been trying for a year to get someone to tell me what they want. Really shouldnt’ be that hard. I sent them a list of questions.. of which none have been answered.

So I went ahead… they’ve been paying for hosting for a year and have nothing to show for it… Miraculously, the president tells me she has a volunteer who will help me get together what they want and the sent me a link to another similar club to show what they liked for layout.

I finished my design.. and it’s been up for about three months. I’ve been working very closely with my contact and we’ve made incredible progress.

Until yesterday, I got an email from the president saying that I was not authorized to change the “official” logo (surprise number one – considering I didn’t know that the bits I changed were part of the ‘official logo” like the border of the big ass ugly square) which is her artwork (surprise number two) and that my contact should have told me this. Never mind that the president had been on the website and emailed me about how much she liked it.


So I change it and email her and my contact with my to do list and told the pres. that I wasn’t go to make any changes or finish my list until I got the go ahead from her.

She says “Oh I don’t want to micromanage it”… then proceeds to tell me how my contact isn’t giving me the right information.

Really? So then maybe she shouldn’t be my contact? Hrrrmmmm…?

(To tell the truth, I suspect that my contact is just fine… that “someone” isn’t communicating very well.. considering that the board for the club has changed almost entirely at least 3 times in two years… with one exception… hmmmmm…)

I’m still formulating my email…. this is definately a learning experience.

Frustrations and solutions, hopefully

  • Java user defined methods: I’ve spend hours on this and I still get one stupid error that I can’t find!
  • Qor’s eye: We are at the point where we can’t do anything until Tuesday. I’m not going to give you the details.. it’sll be all day

These are the things that are making me nuts today.

As far as Java goes, well, I’m just going to reread my notes and pray that I find what is going on. I was doing so well in this class too…

And Qor’s eye, well, I’m going with homeopathics for now. At least they should hold her over until she sees the vet on Tuesday.

Ok, how much fun is this?

I’m working on another site… I’m actually tweaking a free them so none of the links will work.. but I really just wanted to show you the header.

Link to Header here.. Warning, there is sound.

It’s a flash movie that is too wide for this blog or I’d just embed it. I know there is that “coffeecup Shareware” thingy on it.. I’m still evaluating the program.

Cute, though, isn’t it?