About Jeni B

Pirate Jeni

“Jeni has always been a bit psychic”
~ My Mom

I’ve always felt there was more to life on this planet that what we perceive with our five senses.  When I was fourteen, my grandmother gave me my first Tarot deck (and I still have it!)  In an effort to learn more,  I sought out books on psychic ability and divination.  This was before the Internet (what? I know!) so I relied on the kindness and quirkiness of strangers in bookstores.

I’ve spent a lot of time cultivating my connection to Spirit and now, after many years away, I’ve felt called to share my skills with others. I’ve chosen the Tarot as a path as I love how simple and yet so complex the images can be.   I also love that by sharing the Tarot cards with you, you have a visual anchor to help you retain the message you receive. The Tarot gives you, as my client, a reference point to revisit your message easily.

I do hope you’ll join me on this journey with the Tarot.

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