How many tarot cards should you choose?

Unsure how many cards you need?

This handy guide should help.

One Card Reading ($5.00) : If your question is simple and straightforward and you are just looking for an idea of the energy surrounding you or a situation, one card is probably enough. We can sometimes also answer yes/no questions with one card.  One card readings are limited in scope, but might be all you need.

Two Card Reading ($10.00) : If you are try to choose between two options, or perhaps comparing two things, or even a more complex yes/no question, then two cards are a good choice. Two cards can also be used to find out what is blocking you or standing in your way.

Three Card Reading ($15.00) : A three card reading can provide a lot of insight towards your current situation, what caused it to get where you are and how to move forward.  This is the reading I recommend to most people for daily life dilemmas and issues of moderate concern.

Four Card Reading ($20.00) : Four cards can add more clarity to a three card spread and can also be useful for questions regarding the energy for the next month.

Readers Choice  ($25.00) :  Five cards or more open up a world of possibilities with underlying issues, overarching problems and a path forward.  I call this “Readers Choice” because I will draw at least five cards for you, and if your question is very complex, I will draw up to ten cards at no additional cost.

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