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What I learned is that Jeni doesn't just read cards, she reads people. I asked a Big Question; one of those life-altering should-I-or-shouldn't-I kind of things. I thought I would get a little bit of insight that might nudge me in one direction or another.

What I received was a wallop from the universe in which Jeni told me all about myself in the most helpful, kind, and constructive way possible. You know when you've been called out in a reading when after the first two cards you're already mad about it. But here's the thing: if you want to grow, you have to know.

The outcome of my reading is that I started taking action immediately that has already netted some of the results I hoped for but was afraid to reach for. I'll definitely be returning for more guidance when my next Big Question (or little ones) come up.

October 16, 2017  
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Jeni is a talented and gifted person who brings much insight to her readings! And it was a lot of fun to sit with her and listen to her weave together my story based on the cards. She is an amazing reader!!

July 25, 2017  
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I have to admit I had my doubts that along distance reading would work. I was amazed at how accurate Jeni was and am taking action on the information and answers she provided. Thanks Jeni, I look forward to doing this again.

May 7, 2017  
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Jen’s readings are very thoughtful and accurate. She has a way of delivering important information that may be challenging in a way that’s direct and constructive yet still positive

May 2, 2017  
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Jeni is an amazing tarot card reader! I have only had it done a couple times, and have been leery of people doing readings on me because I'm very energy sensitive. Jeni's energy is so amazing! I felt completely comfortable with every aspect of this reading, and will be getting many more from Jeni in the future.

May 1, 2017  
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I've never had a reading done before so I didn't really know what to expect. It surpassed my expectations tenfold. The reading was spot on regarding my present state of mind, and the answer to my question was very well explained and was also spot on. I was really impressed with the experience and would definitely recommend Jeni to anyone looking for a gifted and insightful reader.

April 17, 2017  

Jeni's instincts are excellent. You can especially trust her intuition about reading format, layout, attention to card detail, pure intuition independent of the cards. Well done! The reading was just the "ah-HA!" experience I needed. She can adapt to working with a Tarot beginner or a Tarot pro.

April 17, 2017   Website   
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Jeni provided me with new ideas and directions for me to use with her reading - her interpretation was thoughtful and went into nice details of each card, and their relationship to each other in the drawing.

April 16, 2017  
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Jeni is truly gifted. I received the most insightful reading from her. She was spot on. She did see a difficult area in my reading and told me what she saw, not sugar coating it. I appreciate that. I highly recommend Jeni!

April 9, 2017  
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You basically hit every major point in my career change deliberations. The specific words you used are incredibly accurate. The sentence “Staying where you are will allow you to keep doing the things you love outside of your career and your job” is almost a quote of something I have said on more than once. Wow

April 8, 2017  

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