Busy Busy Busy

Well things have been very busy around here!
We have adopted two Bullmastiff puppies. (Yes, we are insane.. and insanely busy!) Our little StoVoQor has been a real peach but now that
she is getting comfortable she is getting into all kinds of puppy trouble!

Don’t let that innocent look fool you! She’s a little hellion! But we love her dearly.
Targ is unsure of what to do with the little bugger and is honestly a bit overwhelmed by her
Fortunately, our Second little puppy will be coming home soon, so StoVoQor will have someone her own age to play with.

We don’t have a photo of ParmaQay yet. That will be coming soon… as soon as we have a moment to breathe!

If you were at the Albany Obedience Club Celebration Match, you saw us.
We were there chatting with critters!
I’m off on a grand adventure this month. I’ll will be attending Tellington Touch Training in July. Check back often for updates on my progress in the practitioner training program.

LB and I will also be in Stephentown in July for an agility camp for dogs. We will be presenting information on Energy and Health and Animal Communication.
I will also be offering private sessions and will be puppy sitting while LB and Targ play at Rally-O!

August brings another Animal Communication Workshop, this time on a Thursday night from 6:30-9:30PM.
Visit our Workshops page for more information!