Trimming the Excess
Things are feeling pretty skinny around here! So! what do you think of the new side menu? Pretty schnazzy, huh? Boy am I hoping I didn't miss anything! Updating a website is hard work, but I really thought it was necessary. The previous menu was so cumbersome that is felt like it was too "fat" for the site. Speaking of... well, fat.. Targ has lost 10 pounds! LB and I are very excited to see it. Poor guy has been gaining weight and nothing we have done has been able to slow his weight gain down. Turns out he has low thyroid levels. After one month on his new medication we have seen such an improvement in attitude and overall health! Targ has been having a great time with his new sisters. They have really kept everyone busy. We've been teaching them how to jump over a tiny little agility jump (gotta be mindful of those puppy joints!) and there is nothing like watching two puppys and a full grown dog all cramming through a jump at once! What a sight! Do you think I would have had the camera then? Oh.. no.. of course not!

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