Keeping things in perspective

As I was walking Targ this morning, I tried to imagine my neighborhood under 4 feet of water… Looking around at what kind of destruction that would cause, I remembered that my meager little concerns about rising gas prices, making my loan payments, the piece of siding that fell off the house, and wondering what I’m going to have for dinner are miniscule in relation to what the people of the southern part of this country are dealing with.

Ok, so my loan payment will be late… but what’s $5.00 when I’ve got gas in my car? and a car to drive for that matter?

A piece of siding? Please.. my house is still standing… and dinner? Well, I think many of the folks who are currently suffering would eat that old can of soup that I’ve been ignoring because it’s “too salty”.

And my critters… they are all safe, sound, dry and healthy… I feel blessed.

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