You know you’re a dog person when….
All dates must pass your dog's inspection All of your clothes have dog hair on them, even when they come back from the laundromat or dry cleaners. You get birthday cards for each of your dogs from family, friends, and the vet. (Bonus if you keep them on the refrigerator for more than a month.) Every gift you ever get has something to do with dogs Kiss your dog more than 10 times per greeting. All your non-dog friends know to dress down when visiting your house Books and movies are ruined for you if the dog references are incorrect. Onlookers grimace at the sight of you sharing your sandwich with your four-legged pal, bite for bite Call long distance and talk with your dog. Dog hair in food is just another spice. If you are cold, you put a Sweater on your dog. Any conversation you're having is effortlessly directed back to the topic of dogs 90 percent of your Internet connection time goes to the dogs (seeing what's new when you enter your breed into the browser, reading up on multiple lists, checking out photos, sounds and faqs, etc.). All kinds of things around the house are in need of repair, but the injured dog you rescued by the side of the road requires immediate surgery and out comes the checkbook All of your charitable donations go to dog-related and humane society groups. All of your furniture came to you second hand or via curbside discard, but your dog crates are top of the line, industry premium. The rest of this can be found here

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