Culture Shock
I can't believe I have to make yogurt again... I really can't believe it... With all three of the critters eating yogurt and my snacking on it occassionally, we have gone through 2 quarts of yogurt in 3 days... Salton Yogurt MakerThree days.... The only thing that has saved my sanity is this little thing. The Salton Yogurt Maker doesn't do much other than keep your mixture at a consistent temperature, but that is the part that I usually flub up. See, here's how yogurt making works. You start with some plain yogurt with active cultures, like Dannon or Stonyfield and add it to a milk to make it, curdle and coagulate. The culture (ok.. lets be honest.. they are bacteria.. but no worries! They are the friendly and helpful type of bug) in the starter yogurt grows to turn your milk into yogurt. Like any other bacteria, they need a certain temperature and a friendly environment. (This is why we keep our fridges at 40 degrees and keep hot things hot at a temp of at least 140 degrees. Don't ever take a food safety course. It'll be a week before you eat again... trust me on this one). For yogurt, your mixture needs to be at 110 degrees... prime bacteria temp! Problem is if the mixture gets too cold, the bacteria take a nap.. if it's too warm, it's a permanent nap! I've tried stashing my yogurt mix in the oven with the light on, wrapped in a heating pad, wrapped in towels in a cooler... all that fuss and for $17.00 I can have it regulated for me. I'm telling you, this thing rocks! FREE Shipping at

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