Don’t “Doodle” with My Poodle!
That was a very interesting line I heard at a recent agility dog camp. A poodle fancier had been asked how she felt about the upserge of Labradoodle dogs or so called "Designer Dogs". Now, I'm all for mixed breed critters, but the problem with Labradoodles is that like anything else, there is a lot of misleading information out there.
  • Firstly, Labradoodles are not a recognized breed in the AKC but are often referred to as AKC dogs... mostly because someone took a registered Lab and a register Poodle and had a party.
  • Secondly, the chances of getting the qualities that you want in a labradoodle out of random breeding are pretty slim.
Until the labradoodle fanciers can successfully breed with consistent results, please think twice before you dish out WAY too much money for a designer dog. You are only supporting unscrupulous breeding. Many of these folks who are flooding the market with these dogs have figured out there there is no money in producing recognized breeds (Reputable breeders do not make money, contrary to popular belief) so instead have started their own backyard puppy mills... And while I'm on this rant... White Dobermans--- no such thing.. this is an albino dog with a plethera of health problems. Doberman Rescue of North Carolina has some good info on these poor critters, along with myths about the "Warlock", "King" or Oversized Dobermans On the other side of the spectrum, there is no such thing as a TeaCup Chihuahua, Maltese, Poodle, etc, etc, etc, ... these are merely dogs that have been bred to be tiny.. and usually have all kinds of health problems as well such being hydrocephalic and prone to hypoglycemia.

Want a Designer Dog?

Why not get a one of a kind? Contact your local pet shelter for your very own Original Creation!

3 thoughts on “Don’t “Doodle” with My Poodle!

  1. Tell me about it, there is also a breed Orapei, cross a Pug and a Sharpei. They are freekish, the one’s I’ve seen are big Pugs or small Sharpeis. The funny thing is when I grew up we used to call mixed breeds mutts and there was nothing wrong with that.

  2. Ok.. I found some pictures of those guys… I guess my question is, what is the point of the breeding? I am disturbed that they would take two breeds known for vision and skin problems and combine them for no known purpose other than to make a different looking dog…


    At least the labradoodle was intended to create a seeing eye dog with low sheddding… and the Bullmastiff started out as an intentional breeding to create the Night Watchmans dog… but I don’t understand some of why these “designer” dogs are being created.

    I had a friend who picked up a dog from a shelter who was a labrador basset hound mix. He jokingly called him a Bassador. I bet he could pawn this beast off as a designer dog as well!

  3. I love the idea of calling guys designer doggs! ! ! Especailly since they are one of a kind šŸ™‚

    On another note they ( people ) have crossed a Jack Russell and a Border Collie and made a Border Jack, for a faster agility dog. šŸ™

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