Fuzzy Logic?
Soo.... I was thinking that "Fuzzy Logic" might be a fun name for this Blog instead of "The Critter Connection".. What do you all think?

8 thoughts on “Fuzzy Logic?

  1. You think so? It’s not a comic strip. Fuzzy Logic is a mathematical phrase, and there is actually more to this blog than photos of my critters.

    Since what I do (ok I was about to say for a living but I’m not there yet) is about understand the way our animal perceive things and the “logic” behind their behavior, I found it to be fitting.

    I’m inclined to say I’m safe here.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

  2. I like it! I don’t think it’s that close to “Get Fuzzy”. After all, “fuzzy” is a term that’s used a lot for pets. (And since I was a math major, I really appreciate “Fuzzy Logic”!) It is nice and catchy too.

  3. I like Fuzzy Logic … but you know, I like your use of the word “critters” and I associate the word with you. I still vote for Critter Connection.

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