I’ve Been ShamPoodle-D!
So the puppies were filthy.. I mean filthy... they would shake and a puff of dirt would fly into the airFilthy Beasts There is a reason that we have Brindle dogs.. they don't show dirt! Turns out that right around the corner from our home is "Shampoodle" ; a wash your own dog place. Since the beasts are already going about 50 lbs, washing them in the tub is challenging.. and I know that many groomers insist on blow-drying critters so I'm hesitant to put them through that.. They really don't need to be blow-dried. (For the record: the groomers that I know hook up the dog to a table, stick the dryer on them and walk away.. maybe I'm overly protective but that can't be fun!) So for $18.00 we got a tub that is off the ground (and purple!) with a mat for the puppies to stand on. The tub is in it's own room with a gate and a shower curtain to keep out distractions. We chose to bring our own shampoo and towels. To use their towels is an additional $3.00. We were in and out in a 1/2 hour, we're relatively dry and our bathtub is not full of dirty dog hair... soooo worth it!

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