Doggert Faces
Hmmm... since someone asked what kind of dogs my kids are, I thought I'd show their faces! They are all Bullmastiffs and you can see more pictures on my photo album or at their own page on my website StoVoQor This is StoVoQor at 4 months... see how chesty she is already! That dog is all muscle and weighs in at 60 lbs.! ParmaQay This is ParmaQay at 3 months.. she's a bit lighter and girlier! She also had some massive chiropractic work done.. see how she is sitting crooked? Her pelvis was really not where it should have been! ChaNob Bol Ah Targ.. my baby beast.. my perpetual puppy.. he is three years old here and hanging out next to the pool of invisibility. (He is convinced that if he is in the pool, the girls can't see him! )

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