Puppy Yin Yang?
Puppy Yin Yang

4 thoughts on “Puppy Yin Yang?

  1. Your puppies are absolutly adorable! It makes me miss having a dog so much.

    What type of dogs are they? They look like boxers, but I can’t tell. They’re beautiful.

  2. They are Bullmastiffs… We also have a three year old Bully. The girls in this photo are 3 months and 4 months old.. The older (lighter colored on the right) weighs in at 60lbs… she is all MUSCLE! The younger is much more girly at 45 lbs. She also had some hip issues that are currently being straightened out (No pun intended: her chiropractor straightened her pelvis) so I think that is why she’s not as muscled.

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