Not enough Brindle Bits
As a brindle dog lover, I've been decidedly disappointed that there are very little brindle dog products out there! I want to spend my money darnit! And Bullmastiff stuff? forget it... it's all blonds and redhead... So I decided to do something about it! Brindle

4 thoughts on “Not enough Brindle Bits

  1. Those are awesome! I should do something like that for blues. πŸ™‚ Smooth blue collies to be exact… there are hardly anything out there for smooth blues!

    Did you post this on PS?

  2. Cyn, I think I told Kingsmom but I’ve not posted it.. I wish I could get on during the day (darnit!)

    Kara, I think I’ll work on coming up with a saying for “All American” dogs… thanks for the idea!

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