Shaking Quaker

No, this is not a comment on the religious group, but more on certain brand of quick oats. (boooorinnnng! ! !— but wait! there’s more!)

Since gas prices have gone up and I don’t have many ways to reduce my driving, I’ve found other ways to save money.. Look out megamillion company, I’m about to expose you!

I love oatmeal.. love it! But it takes me a while to eat it and I don’t have time before work. But at work, I have a good 1/2 hour before things start hopping.

I was going to buy instant oatmeal, but I usually end up eating two of those tiny little envelopes and it’s expensive!

I have quick oats on hand for the dogs (yes, they eat oatmeal too!) so I tried an experiment.

I combined quick oats, some raisins, brown sugar and cinnamon and tossed them together in a plastic take out cup. At work I added some hot water from the water cooler (I know.. you would think the water would be cold but there is a hot tap as well) and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Voila! Oatmeal! and it’s GOOD!

When I think about how much money I would have spent, not to mention the wasted packaging for those little packets of oatmeal, I laugh.

Try it! I’ve got a big container in my desk for breakfast everyday.