Use the Force Young Padawan
And you thought we only had dogs! Chaos That would be Chaos, sitting in with the Star Wars stuff on the TV. She kills me.. she really does.. That TV stand is an iron like thingy that is shaped like a JukeBox. She had to climb on the Back of the TV to get up there... Thank the Gods she is grace in motion. We only have the one TV! Oh and she's not young by any stretch. She's almost 9 and has finally decided that I'm acceptable.

3 thoughts on “Use the Force Young Padawan

  1. My mom has a cat ( 1 of the 4 ) that loves to hide on top of a cabnit in her studio…she has to climb over very expensive/delicate artwork to get there! My mom freaks each time she finds her up there!

  2. Adorable! Reminds me of BooBoo (our old cat. He died, but he lived to be almost 18!)

    Now we’ve got two cats that look almost identical (black and white) The only way to tell them apart on first glance is their nose. One is white the other is black–otherwise they look like twins 🙂

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