One more squeak and the Boombox gets it!
It's Everywhere! I opened up my Signals catalog last night and there it was... that horrid CD.. I can't get away from it! Songs to Make Dogs Happy is everywhere. This time I got to see a picture of this horrid CD instead of just hearing "Sqeekie Deekie" from some distant player.. ugh! I shudder to even think of this song! What got my attention was that it was "created with the guidance of an Animal Communicator".. I guess the idea is that she chatted with these dogs and came up with these songs because they make dogs happy. Now I'm not slamming her work here.. I'm sure that the information that she got was valid... I just have first hand experience that it doesn't make ALL dogs happy. They certainly dont' make MY dogs happy.. they make my dogs insane... I first ran into Squeaky Deaky at an agility camp. I was there with my booth and was sitting next to the Freestyle demonstration. To be honest, I wasn't really paying attention. I know some people enjoy freestyle.. I think it's silly, but then again I don't think I've ever seen it done well. My fur-kid were in the X-Pen, hanging out.. it was REALLY hot, so I was sort of a vegetable. Suddenly I hear my fur-kids yelling, "Make it STOP! I can't take it anymore!". Well, they have my attention now. I check in with them and it's Squeaky Deaky... over and over and over... but I'll tell ya what, the Corgi's loved it.. they were having a great time in the Freestyle Tent.. Ok.. so we dealt with it.. it was over in an hour. Weekend is over and we head home. The weekend after, we are at our FAVORITE place to train and I hear it ... off in the distance... that SONG! ((((shudder)))) Someone brought it with them to play for their dogs... ugh.. ugh.. ugh... I thought I was done with it.. really I did.. and then there it was... just yesterday.. in the catalog... I could almost hear it squeaking. Well, give it a listen... maybe your dogs will like it. My dogs thought it was cutesy and annoying.. but maybe other dogs like cutesy.

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