Saturday Blues
Raining It rained all day on Saturday. The kids were losing their minds. Targ and Chaos just sat at the window waiting for it to stop. The girls were very mopey. Little puppies need a lot of exercise and they refused to go outside. After all, Bullmastiffs melt in the rain. mopey

4 thoughts on “Saturday Blues

  1. Guinness hates the rain too……he refuses to go out eveb to potty, he will hold it until the rian stops!!
    Unless we are playing agility there’s no getting him out in the rain

  2. My two are weird…the pointer will go out in the rain but only if it’s sprinkling, anything harder and she stands on the back porch waiting to come back in. The Foxhound doesn’t give a hoot what the weathers like. I had to keep a towel besides the back door because she would come in drenched from being out in the rain.

  3. Oh my it rained and rained and rained some more! All weekend and actually poured it probably the better terminology! And it’s supposed to all week. The cats don’t care since they’re indoor pets. But Indy was all moppy. She didn’t get to go out and play 🙂

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