Class is in session

I have been reading and reading and reading about training our puppies. They have been in obedience class, but due to weather and previous engagments by the instructor, they have not been to class consistantly.

I cracked open What all Good Dogs Should Know this morning and got my first reminder:

Quote: Picture your dog chasing a cat across the road. Your heart is in your mouth because you are afraid the dog might get run over. When Homer finally returns, you are angry and soundly scold him for chasing the cat and giving you such a scare.

Here is how your dog looks at this situation. First he chased the cat, which was lots of fun. Then he came back to you and was reprimanded which was no fun at all.

What you wanted to teach was not to chase the cat. What you actually taught was that coming to you can be unpleasant.

Lesson: Whether you are please or angry, your dog associates these feelings only with what was done last. End Quote

It’s amazing the little things we forget when we train puppies! I knew that! But I needed the reminder since working with puppies can be frustrated for everyone!

We are really excited to start Puppy Class next week. Our Favorite instructor, Theresa Richmond, is having a class designed specifically for puppies.

The girls are getting bigger and they have learned that they can Jump Up! Cute when they are 60lbs. Not so cute when they are 120lbs. It doesn’t help that bullmastiffs were original bred to knock people down and hold them. (They are not a bite dog. Just a “stay there while I hold you by the neck or sit on you” dog)

It has been three years since I trained a puppy from scratch. The foundation bits can be challenging when you have such distinctly differnt dogs. Qor is silently obstinate while Qay will quickly go into defense.

I’m reading up on drives again. I don’t remember most of how they work. According to Wendy and Jack Volhard dogs have three drives. Pack, Prey, and Defense. (I think. I have to reread the book! )

Anywho, they also have a puppy apptitude test that I need to do for the munchkins. It really helps understand why your dog does the things they do. Although it is a puppy test, you can also use it for your adult dog.