Friday Five
So I thought I'd follow in the tradition of Give Me Five, only on a smaller scale. On Friday I will post five things that are, in my experience, things that Animal Lovers would benefit from either knowing or having. (yes, part of this is a shameless self promotion but, tooting my own horn means that you folks get the benefit of my years of research, digging and down right experimenting for free!) This week, I'm writing about 5 books that I certainly can't live without. They have proven to be a valuable resource for both me and my critters. Now I know I said 5 books but a few of these are specific to either dogs or cats, but have counterparts for the other. (boy was that worded wierd.. but you'll see what I mean) Aromatherapy Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals There is so much mis-information on the internet and from inexperienced folks about using Essential Oils with animals. I cannot imagine what some poor kitties have gone through with people just popping peppermint onto their tummies and then wondering why the kitty goes into shock or suffers from some "unknown toxin response." There are also so GREAT formulas for essential oil blends that are gentle and effective and an entire section on Canine First Aid. I've had this book for 6 months now and it's already very dog-eared (no pun intended). Small animals and horses are also addressed. This lady knows her stuff. She has compressed all the information I've culled from various books and resources, plus things I've never found into one small affordable book. Bach FlowersBach Flower Remedies for Animals If you are unfamiliar with Bach Flowers, you are really missing out on a gentle method in supporting emotional health. When Targ had some difficulty adapting to having two puppies ramping about the house, I ran to pick up this book. A combination of a few essences and he was feeling MUCH better. Not only does this book detail each of the essences, but also is the one source that I've found that explains how to find which essence to use based on animal responses. I have used it as a reference tool for friends and clients more times than I can count. Dr. Pitcairns New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats From Diet to First Aid, this is one of the best books out there for taking care of your critter. There is SO much to say about it, that I don't know where to start. I guess your best bet is to read the reviews and go from there.

Dog Massage and Cat Massage provide a lot of information in a fun and accessible way. Much more than just petting, Pet Massage improves circulation and emotional and physical health. It brings awareness to body parts that our critters may be ignoring. I know it's been invaluable with Qay's hips. Because they are ow-ie, she tends to "forget" that they are there, so she doens't improve at all. Regular massage has already helped her stablize herself. (Along with Chiropractic Care and regular vet visits! ) Homepathic Care for Cats and Dogs has been off my bookshelf at home. It's on my table next to my homeopathic kit . I have the big kit but all you really need is the animal rescue remedy kit. Homeopathy is not an exact science, and this book dispells a lot of myths. I do take his chapter on vaccines with a smidge of salt. I trust a lot of this stuff, but I don't trust it enough to not vaccinate my kids. (I vaccinate a lot less than most folks but I like the security of that initial vaccine). He does however provide a gob of info on vaccinosis and how to help prevent it.

I think next weeks will be on the top five essential oils that every dog owner should have in their bag of tricks

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