Magickal Lucy
Image hosted by This is HexWitch's fur-kid Lucy. Isn't she just beautiful? What a presence. Cynthia is creating scarves that are knitted and resemble Hairy Pawter scarves. I think they are FAB. I'm also excited to hear she may be adding a magickal twist to them!

3 thoughts on “Magickal Lucy

  1. Lucy is gorgeous! Does she have a boyfriend? Where does she live? Foxy lady!

    Nice scarf too, but you couldn’t get me to wear one…I came with all of the warm winter gear I need!


  2. Hey that’s my Lucy! 🙂

    She doesn’t have a boyfriend, per se, but she has two brothers that keep everyone in line. 🙂 But then again, she keeps everyone else in line, as she’s pretty darn alpha and doesn’t let herself get pushed around!

    I have the first scarf for sale on ebay. No magical properties yet… just a basic scarf:
    Ebay Scarf

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