Broke, but going for it anyway!
Ok.. I know I should be more fiscally responsible, but what the heck. Shel and I have decided to blow some dough on Tattoos. It's been almost a year.. it's time.. I'm really jonesing for this dragonfly one. I've been thinking about it since September . That and the spiral in my ear that I promised myself when I got my Reiki Master Attunement That was in March. I found some various tidbits on Dragonflies floating about the web. Of course, I only took the ones I liked.. The Reiki Kanji In Japan the dragonfly is symbolic of success, victory, happiness, strength and courage. During the 11th century noble Japanese families used the dragonfly as ornamentation on everything from furnishings to textiles. The dragonfly was chosen as a part of the Samurai family crest. Japan was not always named Japan. Japanese legend has it that an Emperor was bitten by a horsefly which, in turn, was eaten by a dragonfly. The Emperor honored the dragonfly by naming what is now Japan “Akitsushima” which, during that time, translated to “Isle of the Dragonfly”. The Boy who made Dragonflys: This Zuni myth tells what happens to individuals, towns, and countries who have an abundance of material goods but who abuse, neglect, and show-off this abundance to the detriment of others. The tale also shows how those who remain true by honoring, taking care of, and being thankful for what they have been given are rewarded. And then I found this! Dragonflies symbolize the light leading us through the mists of illusion. They represent the power of light, reminding us not only that we are light, but that we can reflect light in powerful ways, like the dragonfly's irridescent wings. Well, if that isn't exactly what I'm looking for! ! ! After all I'm a "lightworker" Man I can't WAIT! I'll be sure to post pics when I get it done!

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  1. I have a dear friend that collects all things dragonfly. The more I learn about dragonflies the more that I know her spirit is one like the dragonfly, its a beautifully irridescent carrier of light. Thanks for these quotes I’ll be saving them for sure!

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