Slip of the Tongue?
oh wow, do I need to listen to myself more often.... ... last night I'm talking to Shel about a report I received at work yesterday... Me: Ugh! this report was a mess! I was set up so oddly in excel and there were no header rows.. I had no Idea WHAT it was supposed to show me. Her: No what? Me: Header Rows.. you know the... Her: No what? Me: (getting a wee bit disgusted) Header Rows! you know.. Header rows! Her: Heteros? (yes, she had a good laugh at my expense) And then this morning, I'm talking to Targ before our walk.. like always.. chatting with his little nicknames.. I usually like to call him Mr. Cuteness.. or Buggy Buggness.. you get my drift.. but my favorite nickname this week has been Sweet Pea.. So we are wandering down the street.. and I'm chatting.. la la la .. Mr. Sweet Pea-ness.. Mr. Sweet Pea-ness.. (say it with me.. go ahead... ) Yah.. you got it... I certainly hope my neighbors didn't hear me.

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