Holy Cow! I’m actually Alive!
I was almost killed on the Northway this morning.. and I walked away without a scratch. I was in the middle lane when a tractor trailer on the right decided to cut me off... at 70 miles an hour... I don't think he saw me.. there was no reason for him to change lanes other than the truck in front of him was going 60... He almost clocked me with his back tires.. so I try to change lanes to the left and there is a car there.. so I nailed my horn and my brakes .. changed to the right lane (in the process fishtailing my explorer because I was already headed left.. this is all in rush hour traffic mind you.. thank god the dogs were not in the car)... I finally get my explorers' 4 tires back on the pavement (yes I think I was pretty close to flipping it.. thank goodness for all those years practicing in parking lots on ice) and head into the right lane which is empty.. and then what does that (insert favorite expletive here) do? Goes back to the right lane in front of me... I suspect he didnt' see me and got just as frightened as I did... I really should have been either squished or rolled... I am thanking the higher power right now... I feel honestly blessed to be able to have walked into my office on both legs and in one piece. Shel and I will be getting our wills and life insurance done now.. after my legs stopped shaking and I caught my breath, my first thoughts were "Does Shel know where the mortgage payment book is... does she have access to the checking account.. does she know where the deed is? How about the business account? Can she get that money? How on Earth will she keep the house? If she looses the house, where will she go with three dogs and a cat?"..

5 thoughts on “Holy Cow! I’m actually Alive!

  1. Oh my god! ! ! ! I am so glad you are ok! ! ! ! That has happened to me before with a tractor trailer, and it is so very scary ( i pee-d my pants )

    Thank goodness for those who were watchong over you today!

  2. Has your heart slowed down yet? Man I can a truck cut me off once (almost flatten me)…I’ve never felt safe driving around them since.

    Glad you game out of it ok.

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