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Since it looks like the majority of you folks are interested in Thunderstorm help, I'll make an effort to find some time to give you some resources... but not today.. Today I am trying to find time to work on all the projects that they gave me at work, get to obedience class tonight, do at least one more reading for all the folks at the Mysterious Akita Forum who have sent me requests, beat up on an Ebay winner who has not send me questions.. (I guess it's free money!), start some dog collars (thanks Kara for your order! You've really sent me some business! ! ! ), plus I need to get AromaPaws.com up and running. Oh have I mentioned that somewhere in there I should probably eat? The New Poll is up so be sure to vote! You get to pick multiple answers so have a good time! Tonight, Shel is taking little Missy ParmaQay to see Auntie SueAnn for another chiropractic adjustment. Poor little munchkin really needs a lot of cracking.. she plays so hard! So this means it dinner alone with me and the Big Boy... think we'll eat pure junk.. yup.. that's what I think..

3 thoughts on “Poll Results

  1. NO Problem Jen……Everyone has been asking where I got them, I say some crazy dog person πŸ™‚ Just Kidding, I refer thme to your web site πŸ™‚

    Oh are you going to have xmas fabric at the harvest party on sunday?

  2. lol! Oh yeah, I even went out and bought some extra holiday fabric.. I’ve got some fun stuff…and I found a red fabric that is similar to the blue that I made Duke’s Collar out of…

    I’m so glad your kids are enjoying them!

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