We have been working so hard to build Targ's confidence.. after a scary incident when he ran into the street and tried to crawl under a car... then with the girls coming home and his "issues"... then getting his thyroid diagnosed (finally!) and the constant weight/ear issues.. he has been a very unmotivated, self-conscious, non-confident state. So! Two months ago we took a class for prep for a novice obedience trial... I couldn't get him to stand stay.. he would tuck his tail, hang his head, drool, stand on his toes, off balance, not square.. you know.. all those things that say "I'm stressed, Mom.. don't make me do this".. This month we have been working in a "Drill It" class.. it's a class where you break down exercises in pieces and "drill" the parts.. do the over like 3 times for about 5 minutes a day.. you build them into your walks etc etc etc.. so there is not an actually training session but a "lets chuck something in here while I've gotcha". Our last class was last night and we played "My Dog Can do That". .. you pull a card and ask your dog to do exercises.. it's fun... no pressure.. yadda yadda.. he did a few fun things and was having a blast.. Theresa says "We have a few minutes left.. does anybody want to do one more".. and since he hates sitting and waiting I said "We will!" Here is the card I pulled: Dog must stand in a stay in the center of the room while all players (that includes me) walk around dog in a 10 foot circle. Ut oh! Do you know, he did it! Tail wagging! Head up! Grinning like a big goober! He had 6 teams plus me walking around him in a circle (twice!) and he didn't budge or stress! I'm so Proud of Him!

4 thoughts on “He DID IT! He DID IT!

  1. He is beautiful. Aren’t they amazing creatures. Just when you think it can’t be done they show you that it CAN! Great job to both you and your wonderful boy!

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