Hmm… kinda came out good!
So I took a friends advice and scanned a collar to see how it would come out.. Click for full sized image

7 thoughts on “Hmm… kinda came out good!

  1. I make natural remedies for pets & am looking for a way to create a flea collar with my essential oil flea drops…

    The collar would need to be absorbant & be able to dry easily, strudy enough to be soaked in an essential oil & olive oil mix (essential oils tend to be highly acidic & melt stuff like rubber or plastic).

    And the colors would need to be able to take the punishment of being soaked & dried.

    Would you be willing to create something for me & sell them at a wholesale cost in a by-the-case way?

    Or we could work out a trade… pet remedies & all-natural grooming products in exchange for collars.


  2. hmmmm…. I think I might be able to figure something out.. let me dig about and see what I can come up with.


    I pretty much make my own pet remedies as well.. and my kids are short haired so grooming is not really an issue.. a brush and a bath now and again and they are good to go..

    they also never get fleas.. how funny is that? I think it’s a diet thing..

  3. I figured it was mine! ! !

    Hey my boys never get fleas either and i don’t put anything on them…..hhhmmm maybe it is the diet how cool is that

    now all i need is an all natural tick repelnent thats easy to make

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