A Great Disturbance in the Blogosphere!
There is a phenomenon out in the Blogosphere.. did you know that critters are taking over puters from their "beans" and blogging!? A Husky's Life: IndyPindy cronicles his daily life and his new found love of the raw food diet! EDIT: Timothy Dickens: One poodin who's feelings I hurt by leaving out.. sorry poodin! Boogie Head Oreo (who was NOT named for a cookie): A currenlty very stoned little poodin Buzzerbee and Meep: You gotta check them out for the facial expressions on these poodins alone! Nimbus the Cat: He's just adorable.. that's all I can say China Cabinet: Check out China's new sweater today! Not sure if these guys fit your blogging style? Then click for a random blog in the ring. Psst... don't forget, if they have ad's, click'em to share the love!

3 thoughts on “A Great Disturbance in the Blogosphere!

  1. I’m hurt. Why am I not mentioned on here? First, you go and leave a comment on Tangie’s blog…then, you mention some of my poodie and doggie friends and not once did my name come up! Hurt.

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