The Great Greenie Debate

Greenies have been quite the topic of conversation lately.. Personally, I have never fed them.. they are not food.. and provide zero nutritional value.. I provide Marrow bones for teeth cleaning. .. my house is a mess, but my dogs are happy…

I had been hearing rumor for about a year from folks on the web, about how Greenies can be very detrimental to a dogs intestinal tract.. and may even cause death. Apparently, someone decided to do some digging on this.

A google search of Greenies and Intestinal come up with these interesting results.

A few reviews from people

A warning from a Pug Rescue Group

An Article from and Whole Dog News

Some Sheepdog folks with a good discussion going on

Dogster Discussion

But the one I’m looking forward to reading updates on is from which also has a link to a news article

As with anything you give your dog to chew, MONITOR them.. dogs can and will eat anything.. and if tasty enough, will eat them quickly.. anything can cause an intestinal blockage if swallowed when it’s still too large to pass.