Keep that Window Open!
Things have been pretty dicey lately. My hours at my day job were cut in half and that has made for some serious financial re-arranging. And it has not been pretty. I'm pretty much overqualified for any job that might be open, and have been told as much. And there are no jobs in my field. Honestly, I'm tired of having a day job that saps the life out of me, but as much a I love my Animal Communication and pet health work, it doesnt' quite pay the bills. That being said, I'm going to paraphrase for a moment. You know that saying "When the Universe Closes a Door, it Opens a Window?" This past month has been the busiest I've been. I'm doing readings right and left and from all over the Globe! Germany (with the help of a translater), Austrailia, England, Canada and of course my Good 'ol USA. I've talked with Dogs, Cats, Horses, a Snake and even a Skunk! Some of these critters are still with us in the physical and some have transcended to a higher plane. Add in an interest in my dog collars! What started out as a lark seems to be taking off! Even though my finances are stinky at the moment, I'm keeping the faith. I'm treating this as a transitional period and I know I'll get through it. I still have my health, my home, my family. Something that not everyone can say. I'm reminded of the tragedies of 2005 along with the loss of life in West Virginia and Germany this week. Counting my blessings and working on keeping that Window Open!

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